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When reading the news, the looming US – China trade war is talk of the town. Before this however, there were already numerous companies dealing with entering into and/or out of the Chinese market and navigating various hurdles and barriers along the way. Regulatory barriers immediately come to mind, but the various cultural and commercial challenges shouldn't be underestimated either. This seminar will give the audience better insights into the various barriers one could encounter and will give meaningful examples and perspectives from various companies that have succeeded in identifying these risks and tailoring their businesses accordingly when entering and growing in (and beyond) this emerging economic giant.

How do trading companies set up and grow in China? What insights can we gain from the technology sector in which big commercial transactions always carry a lot of weight? How do Chinese companies look at moving abroad? What macro-economic grounding can we get to make sense of this all? At the end of the evening, we want to have discussed that China of course has its entry and exit challenges, but we wonder if this isn't the case for every other market out there? And are these challenges not just reasonable traffic lights when entering the world's second biggest market?


  • Rob Carnell (Head of Research and Chief Economist Asia Pacific at ING Bank)

    Rob Carnell

    Head of Research and Chief Economist Asia Pacific at ING Bank

    Rob joined ING in October 2004 and until May 2017, was working in London as ING’s Chief International Economist. Prior to ING, Rob worked as Senior International Economist for Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and as Pan Asia Economist for Schroder Investment Management. He started his career some 24 years ago as an Economist with the UK Government, working in the International Finance Directorates and Inflation and Monetary Policy units of HM Treasury.

    He holds First Class Honours and Masters’ Degrees in Economics.
    Rob is a regular on business news channels such as Bloomberg and CNBC, and says the best bit of his job is speaking to clients: “You’re never as good at your job as you are the week after a client roadshow”.
    Rob enjoys testing the boundaries of the dismal science. He is an ardent critic of recent central bank policies, and has also published on non-mainstream issues such as the economic consequences of rising obesity, green energy and climate change.
    Outside work, his interests center on Indian Food, English beer and Cricket, ideally simultaneously.

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  • Emily Feng (Beijing Correspondent at Financial Times)

    Emily Feng

    Beijing Correspondent at Financial Times

    Emily Feng is Beijing correspondent for the Financial Times, where she is responsible for the paper’s technology and ennvironment coverage. Previously, she covered business and culture within China. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in public policy from Duke University.

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  • Hank Stokbroekx (Vice President at Huawei Enterprise Services)

    Hank Stokbroekx

    Vice President at Huawei Enterprise Services

    Hank joined Huawei in 2011 after working for over 20 years in the networking industry. Initially he helped build the Huawei Enterprise service business in Western Europe, and in 2012 took over responsibility for the worldwide Service Marketing organization for which he relocated to the Huawei HQ in Shenzhen. As an industry expert he advises the leadership team on a variety of topics, leveraging his many years of experience. Hank frequently travels abroad to meet customers, partners, analysts and other experts to understand their needs and perspectives and to share his view on the future of the ICT service industry. Hank is a frequent speaker at international events and has published several articles about the ICT industry.

    Hank started his professional career in 1990 at a Networking Systems Integrator in the Netherlands. He joined Cisco Systems in 1994 where he worked for over 15 years in the services organization in various leadership positions. He has held positions in service delivery, product management, marketing and sales both in Europe and in Cisco’s headquarter in California.

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  • Rob van Eck (Managing Director of Smart Brand International)

    Rob van Eck

    Managing Director of Smart Brand International

    Rob van Eck (aged 42) has been in China since 2005. Coming from a family background of food and hospitality, his focus was always going to be on creating customer value and satisfaction. After finishing his MBA and Msc studies at Nyenrode University, he moved to Ireland to work for Oracle, as a consultant for the private and public sector. The next step in his career turned out to be a more exotic one. His former classmate and director of one of the largest family owned trading companies in The Netherlands asked him to take charge of the company’s new project in China. After a few days spent in Shenzhen, Rob decided to become shareholder and director of the newly formed Shenzhen Intra Industry which has turned into a trading group dealing with general merchandise products for retailers worldwide. The company is handling over 20.000 products of which a good part are under license of famous brands such as, Goodyear, Dunlop, Disney, Grundig, Black & Decker, Stanley, Duracell amongst others. The company has built up a large network among suppliers and retail partners such as Walmart, Carrefour, K-Mart, Costco and the likes all over the world. For over three years the company is also involved in technology related projects for which it established Join Ventures for Smart Home and Smart Retail products that make use of Ai (Artificial intelligence) and other latest technologies available in the market.

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  • Albert van Lawick van Pabst (Founder and Managing Director of SDS Ventures)

    Albert van Lawick van Pabst

    Founder and Managing Director of SDS Ventures

    Albert is the main founder and Managing Director of SDS Ventures which focuses on building and growing of resource-efficient technology companies in and via China. In this capacity he and his team at SDS Ventures co-founded and currently managed 4 sustainable businesses in China:
    • Beijing Wuvio, (Industrial Fine-Dust prevention in coal industry & construction). Founded in 2012
    • Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology Co., Ltd. (cost efficient and eco-friendly spray coating technology in China); Founded in 2014
    • and Nanocal Environmental Technology (Secondary Flue Gas Treatment/SO2 Removal). Founded in 2014
    • SDS Separation Technology (separate gases and particles in chemical and maritime industry in order to reduce waste)

    In addition, Albert is also a non-executive advisor for a large British fund management group.

    Prior to co-founding Eurosider (Tianjin) Coating Technology Co., and SDS Ventures, Albert van Pabst, served for over 7 years with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Albert was responsible at the Netherlands Embassy in Beijing for 4 years for the financial and energy sector relationships between the Netherlands and China, working with and advising both large and small companies on the Chinese market.
    Among other things, Albert was personally responsible for drafting, negotiating and implementing several economic co-operation agreements between the Chinese and the Netherlands Government including the Sino-Dutch Energy MoU.

    Prior to his job at The Foreign Ministry, Albert worked for over 4 years in investment banking at UBS Warburg and Fortis Mees Pierson. He passed the Financial Services Authority (FSA) exam for financial advisory services in London in 1999. At UBS Warburg he worked at the general M&A department, and was the financial analyst at several large and complex transactions, including the buyout of VNU Malmberg by 3i. At Fortis Mees Pierson, Albert worked among others on controlled auctions in wind energy sector and the sale of a Government –owned construction company.

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