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  1. a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

While still somehow geeky and not understood by most people, banks, governments and many companies are aware of its importance.

Cryptocurrencies are flourishing despite an image tarnished by ransomware and the dark web. Over the last few months, the world of cryptocurrency has heated up significantly: The volatile price of bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital tokens has created and wiped out millionaires and billionaires from all over the world. Quoting Nick Spanos (founder and CEO of Blockchain Technologies): "Bitcoin is not a bubble, it is the pin that is popping the bubble of the legacy financial systems since it has been created."

The question is, are you actively involved in the digital 'revolution'? Or are you waiting when the markets are firing on all cylinders once again for you to get in with both feet?

At this event Wayne Trench from Octagon will highlight the opportunities of cryptocurrencies, being provoked by Pádraig Walsh from Tanner de Witt who will discuss challenges, considerations and constraints from a (Hong Kong and international) regulatory perspective.

What legal factors should you consider before trading on a crypto-exchange?

What risks arise from trading in cryptocurrencies for which inadequate anti-money laundering checks have been conducted?

What are the key provisions you should include in your client / issuer contract?

Just a handful of the questions we have.

Join us at this breakfast session on Friday June 8th and get answers to all your cryptocurrency questions!


  • Wayne Trench (CEO  | Investor of Octagon Strategy Ltd.)

    Wayne Trench

    CEO | Investor of Octagon Strategy Ltd.


    Wayne Trench is an Australian entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in investment banking and is an active investor in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies space. Wayne joined Octagon Strategy Limited (OSL), the largest digital asset broker in the Asia-Pacific region, as Co-CEO, to drive and empower the team for long term growth in the vibrant cryptocurrencies ecosystem.

    Prior to joining OSL, Wayne held senior roles at international financial and banking institutions. Trench served as the Executive Director, Head of Morgan Stanley Electronic Trading Coverage - Asia, where he was responsible for the largest and most profitable electronic trading team in the region. Wayne was previously the Head of Electronic Trading - Asia at Macquarie Bank.

    Wayne is also a renowned and experienced entrepreneur. He co-owned and ran Aspir, a diversified mineral processing technology and equipment supplier in Australia. Under his leadership, Aspir grew exponentially in a short space of time and was ultimately acquired by the Weir Group, a FTSE 100 company, in an acquisition led by Wayne in 2013.

    Wayne holds an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland as well as Bachelor of Business Management and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance from the University of Queensland, Australia.

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  • Pádraig Walsh (Partner at Tanner De Witt)

    Pádraig Walsh

    Partner at Tanner De Witt


    Pádraig is a corporate and commercial partner at Tanner De Witt, an independent Hong Kong law firm. His practice focuses on venture capital and related corporate work, encompassing advice on private equity and debt financings, leading on investment negotiations and completion, and preparing documents to implement deal terms. He represents both investors, strategics, and founders.

    Pádraig's clients are broadly within the technology sector. He has represented companies within specific verticals of fintech, insurtech, regtech, medtech, edutech, and cleantech. Pádraig¹s practice also includes assisting clients on licensing, regulatory and compliance. His experience in this area has enabled him to advise clients on a number of innovative, complex fintech projects. He is at the forefront of advising on legal issues for emerging businesses using blockchain technology.

    Pádraig is a mentor, and provides legal training programmes, for a number of accelerator programmes. He is also a regular speaker at various startup events and a blogger on the tech startup scene.

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