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It is not easy to press the pause button in the fast-paced digital society we live in nowadays, especially when you live and work in the dynamic environment of Hong Kong. So, if you are craving some headspace, join us for a super short digital detox during your lunch break.

The workshop is given by Danielle Stegeman, Director & Coach at 1 day offline in Hong Kong. During this lunch session you will get a sneak preview of the coaching concept she uses at 1 day offline. Goal is to boost personal leadership skills, a healthy work-life balance and overall wellbeing.

This interactive and enjoyable session will:

· Spark self-awareness

· Inspire new insights and next steps

· Leave you refreshed and revitalized afterwards!


  • Danielle Stegeman (Director & Coach of 1 day offline limited)

    Danielle Stegeman

    Director & Coach of 1 day offline limited


    Daniëlle loves to inspire people and lead them to success. She is a psychologist and coach from The Netherlands with five years of experience in the mental health care industry. As founder of 1 day offline in Hong Kong, her ambition is to empower people, teams and organizations to unlock their full potential.

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